How to improve storage space utilization through Fully open bottom inserted cardboard box?

Publish Time: 2024-04-17
Fully open inserted bottom cardboard box improves storage space utilization in the following ways:

Optimize cargo layout: The design of the Fully open bottom inserted cardboard box allows the cargo to be arranged more closely, reducing the gaps between the cargo, thereby improving space utilization. You can rationally adjust the arrangement of cardboard boxes according to the shape and size of the goods and the specific conditions of the storage space to maximize space usage.

Utilize vertical space: The design of the Fully open bottom inserted cardboard box makes full use of space in the vertical direction. You can consider setting up multi-layer shelves in your warehouse and stacking cardboard boxes according to certain rules to increase storage capacity.

Flexible adjustment of cardboard box size: Fully open bottom inserted cardboard box can be customized in different sizes as needed to accommodate goods of different sizes and shapes. By customizing the appropriate cardboard box size, the volume of the goods can be matched more accurately and the waste of space can be reduced.

Use automation equipment: The introduction of automation equipment, such as automated handling robots, smart shelves, etc., can further improve the utilization of storage space. These devices can accurately place cardboard boxes into designated locations, reducing manual operation errors and time costs.

Properly plan aisles and storage areas: Properly plan aisles and storage areas in the warehouse to ensure that cardboard boxes can move in and out smoothly. At the same time, avoid placing excessive obstacles in passages and storage areas to ensure maximum utilization of space.

In general, the design of Fully open bottom inserted cardboard box itself has provided a good foundation for improving storage space utilization, and combined with reasonable cargo layout, vertical space utilization, cardboard box size adjustment, introduction of automation equipment and passage and storage Reasonable planning of the area can further achieve efficient utilization of storage space.

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